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Time off

2013-05-11 02:18:23 by JamSession

Haven't been drawing for a while because of various things. I'm starting up again and I'm going to work on a big picture once I get photoshop up and running.

I love this time of year because the movies that come out are good quality, as May usually is the start of the summer. Been watching a bunch of midnight premieres, but yeah, I'm starting up drawing again.

There's a con late June and I'm going to cosplay with a new costume. Any ideas?

Image: Most recent drawing.

Time off


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2013-05-11 16:54:23

Cosplay as ^?

JamSession responds:

I have no idea.


2013-05-12 02:05:34

Too hard costume to make?

JamSession responds:

Nah I have lots of options. I just need to see what my friends are gonna do!

Usually I do my own thing thought because they get lazy. I like to make full costume too, so it's gonna take a long time, it has to be perfect.


2013-05-12 02:46:22

OK. If that doesn't work, a Jessica Rabbit costume would be just as cool. :P

JamSession responds:

Maybe! I was looking at something superhero-ish. So many options though. Thanks for the idea!