Entry #1

My time on NG so far with a hint of real life story

2012-11-29 23:45:49 by JamSession

I've really enjoyed this site so far, I think my art has been taken in very nicely!
It has been so much better compared to the other sites, I feel as the atmosphere is more welcoming as well as targeted towards creativity. (And a little fan art)

Which is GREAT!
Anyway, I am to post news.
The van driving in front of me today on a busy street hit a dog and kept going. I pulled over and waited until (and if) the dog got back up. Luckily he did, and limped away, but started to cross the street again! There was another car, and I moved in front of the car, which made them swerve safely away.
(There were no other cars on the street!)

I followed him to a house where he sat by the porch.

He was afraid of me, and he did not look nice, so I asked the neighbors if they could knock on the door.

They did and the owner came out. He told me his dog was 15 years old. Poor thing had his head drooping down, but his tail was wagging when he saw his owner!
It could have been much worse, I guess, I think his hip was broken.
I still worried, though. I'm going to pass by this weekend to see if he is alright.

That's pretty much it.

I feel so welcome here, thanks everyone for your comments and critiques, It's helping me improve day by day.


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2012-11-30 02:26:39

i just saw your art and i luv it :3 it's really awesome , what a poor dog i hope he is okay now , yeah this site is cool my art didn't got much welcome in some other sites but here i've got many fans and good friends who sopport me <3

JamSession responds:

Thanks alot :D! I'm visiting him tomorrow, hopefully.

Yeah, this site's pretty good so far.


2012-11-30 04:33:43

You should have killed that dog. It was the spirit of an ancient evil.

(Updated ) JamSession responds:

I didn't mention it, but I was trying to make a ritual circle around him while he lay on the side of the road, but he fled.
Later on when I went home I consulted the old runes of the 2nd dimension, which gave me a clear but grave answer. The owner is his slave, and he is the one destined to preform the deed. If I were to have done said ritual, my soul could have been consumed by flying possum raven spirits, which are creatures with the head of a raven and the body of possum.
Do not ask me how they fly, I asked the runes and it gave me the answer in German. I should have kept the instruction book to those damned things.


2012-12-01 18:47:59

You and I, we are on very very similar paths! I'm at college (high school to you I think) doing an extra year doing a pre-degree art course before doing animation at university. This is really cool to see; you've got some really really nice stuff! Welcome to Newgrounds aye, I'll keep a big beady eye on your thread. :)


2012-12-02 13:44:53

your good i fand ya quickar than litenin