My life on NG, part two

2013-01-17 20:00:35 by JamSession

Well, 2013 has started, and nothing feels different... My time on Ng has been awesome, however, and I don't regret joining.

I was voted Best Newcomer 2012 from the Art forums, which is pretty cool.
I think it was more based on the time I spent on the live chat though, compared to my art.

What else, I got promoted to Town watch, guessin' for my votings, I don't want to level up from my frying pan though, but I'll have to soon.

I 've met a bunch of cool people! It's really cool to talk with a bunch of different artists from around the world, especially when we all have a common interest.

I have a lot on my plate as it is, with my second semester of college starting, I can't find parking anywhere! Is that a common issue around colleges?

Other than that, I'm bringing a skateboard design (Which I can't upload photos of it to the Portal as far as I know), and 2 big digital designs!

--As I currently type--
It's going swell over at my end... except it's windy as heck and there's a tree that touches a wire, and I think it just made a huge explosion, I went outside and saw it ramming against the wire (The blue and red sparks), and went back in just in time for a loud (BBRRRRRTTTTZZZ POOOOORFT). I'm not going back outside.

--News in My News--
I'll update my news every so often, Make sure to check out my forum post for any recent works in progress!

Link to my forum post, Make sure to say hi and review my work!

---Working on this---
Gotta fix the eyes and add more blue.

My life on NG, part two


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2013-01-19 13:53:54

I found you. (bad quality laughings) On Deviant Art