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2015-08-09 19:39:29 by JamSession

OH MY GOSH, I can't believe one of my works was front paged!

I feel like I should post a bit of an update... Where to begin.... 


Hello everyone!

My name's Diana. I'm 21 and I am studying at University of Florida.

I am actually moving up to campus in order to study Arts and Digital Arts and Sciences.

I've been so nervous about moving and packing... It is very weird experience packing the important items in your life in just a couple of few boxes to be shipped somewhere else.

Everyone's nice comments and support, however, has really made me feel pumped about studying and continuing improvements. I will be making sure to keep more of my doodles now instead of just tossing them, haha. 

I PROMISE I will be posting stuff more frequently since I'll have a lot of time in the near future, aside from school work.


Thank you all, friends. 

Oh, and for any new followers, It's great to meet you. Thank you for taking the time to check out my stuff.

I hope you enjoy my art as much as I have enjoyed creating it.


Updating Stuff

2014-05-26 15:41:55 by JamSession

Sorry about the lack of activity... I don't really post journals either. But I'm here! It's just been crazy with my family as well as my 20th birthday coming up... I'll be posting a bunch of stuff in the summer! 
Thanks for checking out the journal and my gallery, make sure to keep in touch  :) !


2014-04-24 14:09:13 by JamSession

Got off spring semester.

Have a few summer classes, but I will be drawing and spending time on some personal art more this season.

Miss posting here, so I'll do my best to keep this gallery updated.

There's a bunch of unfinished work that I cannot upload on Newgrounds, but if you like my stuff be sure to check those out here

I also post on the forums with some sketches and stuff. That can be found Here. Make sure to leave a message or two!

Here's some backgrounds from an animation I did.











2013-11-15 17:34:44 by JamSession

It is a mystery.
That and I started livestreaming. Yay.
Here's a link:
And uhh
http://www.justin.tv/savvynachos for gaming

I will also be planning on changing my Deviantart name.
Current WIP:


Working on Art

2013-08-14 16:10:29 by JamSession

Back, School starts soon, I got time to finish some art until then.
Tf2 highlander season finished so I can focus on art and other distractions!

Working on Art


2013-08-02 14:25:18 by JamSession

I'm going on a cruise!
8 days. Do you want me to bring you guys something back?
I'm going to get a tan and doodle on my sketch book and get absolutely nothing productive done during this time.
But what the hell, it's vacation!

See you all soon.

Current WIP:
Finishing Post-Commission


Ehhhhh Stress

2013-07-12 16:35:49 by JamSession

I hate Math.
Taking it in the summer sucks.
I'm calling it Revenge of the finite math.
But yeah. Went to a con.
So here's a pic of that.

I'll start drawing finished pics soon.

Ehhhhh Stress

Time off

2013-05-11 02:18:23 by JamSession

Haven't been drawing for a while because of various things. I'm starting up again and I'm going to work on a big picture once I get photoshop up and running.

I love this time of year because the movies that come out are good quality, as May usually is the start of the summer. Been watching a bunch of midnight premieres, but yeah, I'm starting up drawing again.

There's a con late June and I'm going to cosplay with a new costume. Any ideas?

Image: Most recent drawing.

Time off

Turn out of Megacon 2013

2013-03-18 01:01:58 by JamSession

I had a BLAST!
They wouldn't let me walk anywhere, because everyone would try to take a photo, or it would be stuffy and the spiked would poke people in the face.

So worth it though.

Here's another one.

I have a bunch of other photos if you want to see different angles.
Next up, Supercon 2013!

Turn out of Megacon 2013

Megacon March! D-Day Friday!

2013-03-12 16:35:49 by JamSession


Haven't been able to art at all, I've been working on this bad boy for a while now.

Hopefully I'll have time to intensely detail it before Friday. Wish me luck.

I'll return to Newgrounds hopefully next week.


Megacon March! D-Day Friday!